Toothache troubles…

Recently felt some pain at the back of my tooth whenever i chew food & decided to visit my mom’s dentist at Bukit Indah. I never like going to a Dentist & it’s been nearly 10yrs since! Yes… i know… it’s bad… anyway i am paying the price now for bad dental care. 😭

My bottom left Molar had decayed badly bcoz of the wisdom tooth trapping food particles over years. Dentist say it is near impossible to be able to brush or floss cleanly when my wisdom tooth is blocking. I should have extracted the wisdom teeth back then when they had grown sideways instead of ignoring them. Now my molar has to go! 😭. No more molar for chewing food. 😰

I paid $150 for the Xray & another $150 for cleaning my teeth. The dentist gotta clean them twice as he commented there were alot of stubborn tar stains ( i was an ex smoker). I was expecting a reprimand from him but it never came. ☺️. He did a very good job & now i have near sparkling teeth! 😬

The doctor name is YY Tan. Pretty young chap. Very nice, patient & gentle. Excellent service. Would highly recommend. Below is his name card & address. Booked another return trip for molar extraction coming mon 17/12. Not looking forward to losing my molar & being in pain for days thereafter. 😔


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