Questioned by JB CIQ again!!!

Yesterday was the 4th time past 3mths we had been Questioned by the JB CIQ’s immigration Officer about our stay in JB / Msia. As usual the officer says that we’re not supposed to stay in JB w/o some kind of valid visa / permits. He let us go reluctantly after i told him that we’re in the midst of applying MM2H. 😑

Today I received a letter from my MM2H agent (Joystay) from Ministry of Tourism. It was addressed to SPF (to obtain my Certificate of Clearance). Gotta make a visit tomorow morning to Police Cantonment Complex to get this LGC / COC done. As per online it states the application needs appx 10 working days to complete. Just nice end of the mth i can consolidate all my documentations & prepare for my MM2H submission.

I must say applying MM2H is no walk in the park. There are alot of steps & documentations required. Alot of certifications needed from the relevant authorities. And the biggest Obstacle is the show money $500k myr (consecutive 3mths) follow by $300k myr FD Lien is tough on us (due to our overcommitments on properties both in SG & Msia). Will be very tight. Hopefully everything will turns out well. 😅

Only with the MM2H visa can we truly have piece of mind to continue our stay in JB with our 3 dogs (they are our greatest joy right now). We checked with 2 pet relocation companies in order to relocate all 3 of them out to SG will cost us $25k myr & 3-6mths of Qurantine. I am very reluctant to pursue this avenue so 🙏🏻 MM2H will be successful & we can remain status Quo. Don’t like this uncertainty facing our lives right now… 😔

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