Spaying my 3 lovely babies.

Last thur we brought our 2 boys to spay. The minor surgery took 3-4hrs (from start to collection). The vet did a very good job & the wound (incission) was small & nicely sewed. Max did not show any signs of discomfort. King however made noises & squeel abit on/off next 1-2days. 🙊

King is our most vocal baby & he has a low pain threshold. Surprised why he is the Alpha amongst the 3 of them. 😅. Max especially is afraid of him & always look down when King growls at him. Glad that both are recovering fast and is more or less 100% back to normal.

Next thur will be Eve’s turn. She is the most playful & naughty baby amongst the 3. Gotta put in more effort to ensure she does not have the opportunity to rough play in case her wound get’s torn. No more menustration cycles after this! Yeah! But that also means no more babies for her in future. 😢

Initially when i bought them i had plans for Eve to give birth to afew littre of puppies however my mother was adamant against it. As currently she is the main care-giver  & both me & wife are busy with work, we dropped the idea totally (sorry to all those that i had promised corgi puppies 😭). Currently we are very happy with the 3 of them & 3 seems just about right to manage. Anymore my 🏡 is going to be turned Upside down!


HSR officially postponed till 2031!

Wow! It’s official now that the HSR will be delayed by 2years & the official commencement year will be deferred from 2026 to 2031! By then i would be 50 years old! 😂🙊 No updates were given thou with regards to the more pressing RTS.

Actually for SG, KL & Iskandar, without the HSR will not have a large impact to its exisiting economies . The ones that will feel most re of the impacts are the more rural districts that are scheduled to have a stop on the HSR line ie: Muar, Batu Pahat, Ayer Keroh & perhaps Seremban. These areas will definitely do better when there’s a HSR stopping at their doorsteps with Tourists & investors money coming in.

Anyway Msia will need to compensate SG S$15 million ($45m myr) for the delay till May 2020 & shall they decide to cancel the project, a larger sum of compensation will need to be paid (amount not revealed) but rumoured to be around $500m myr. I hope 🤞🏻 the HSR won’t be cancelled as more connectivity between SG & Msia will be good for both country’s biz & trade.

Perhaps in my lifetime i might even be able to see some kind of a union for SG & Msia just like old days (1960s). As the world gets more & more competitive & more trade protectionism sets in, it will benefit SG & Msia to join hands & combined their 2 economies. By then (decades later) i expect our 2 combined economies to have a GDP that exceeds $1trillion dollars giving us better leverage when trading with other nations.

Happy dreaming!


Submitted OTP for a 3rm resale HDB

Yesterday we placed a $1k deposit for an OTP (old 3rm resale HDB at Yishun Chong Pang City) under my mom’s name as she is eligible & owns no other properties. I saw this unit on Propertyguru (lowest asking price in yishun) & immediately text the agent to make an appointment for viewing with my mom on Thursday afternoon. If successfully concluded this would be our 8th (3 in SG & 5 in msia) & last property. 😅

Initially my plans was to buy a piece of land at Leisure Farm or Ledang Heights & build our dream home in future but with the recent developments from the New Govt especially from Dr Mahathir’s anti foreigners & investment stance in Iskandar, i decided not to commit anymore investments in Msia for the short to medium term.

Back to the yishun 3rm 🏡. Why was it listed below market price? Upon viewing we realised the reasons. First, the unit was extremely Dilapidated (Original condition since Day 1). Second, it was facing a T-junction & noisy. Third, it was on 4th level with unit no 4x (#04-4x) 😂. Below are some pics of it’s conditions. 😅

However these factors did not turn us off. My mom in particular liked the location & urged me to buy it. She even went to Bugis Guanyin Temple (Thursday evening itself after the viewing) & obtained a Good divinition lot for that unit. 😅 Sensing her keeness, yesterday i made an offer for the unit. There were some negotiations & we finally agreed on $205k. (Originally listed for $215k).

This unit was on the market 1.5 mths ago initially listed for $235k (Market value is around $250k for that location). However because of it’s conditions & facing, it was unable to sell & the agent had to persuade the Owners to lower their Asking price. The owners had to sell because their new 2rm BTO (also in Yishun blk 4xx) had TOP & going to get keys in a mth or 2.

I plan to exercise the OTP (additional $4k deposit) in the coming week if additional ground surveys are satisfactory both in the day & night. I will be driving my Grab & hanging around that vicinity in the coming days to do some investigative works. 😂 Buying this unit at below market value allows us a decent budget to renovate the unit to our liking (cosy). This blk is scheduled for HIP soon (already announced by HDB in nov 2017). So i can save some costs on the 2 toilets, main door & grill, all pipings, ceiling works & an upgraded electrical power loading.

We expect to complete the transaction & get the keys in Dec. I hope i can use the month of Jan to complete the renovations before CNY. CNY in Chong Pang City is bustling. Im not exactly fond of it but my mom is looking forward to it. 😅. This unit will serve as our backup home going forward (in case prior to obtaining mm2h (1yr long process) anyone of us is barred re-entry into JB.) The Johor inmigration is tightening following the suspension of MACs.

There are plans for me & my wife to stay in this yishun home (5days a week) next year & we’ll only make our way back to Cascadia (JB stay 2days) during our Off days coz the Daily traffic Jams at woodlands CIQ is getting worse & my wife is in for a promotion (high % will realise next year after CNY thus this unit will help us transit back to SG). Her new role as communicated by her Boss will be in Operations (Oversee 6 retail stores + manage 1 herself so definitely she can’t stay in JB like what she is doing currently).

I am also looking to rent out the common room next year for $600. This 💰 ($600 x  60mths = $36k) will help us recoup back the Initial Renovation costs. By then 5yrs later MOP we would have been Retired (staying in JB with mm2h visa😊) & we can lease out the whole unit for more passive income (Estimated btw $1.5-2k).

Hopefully all plans will materialise & ends well & come 2022 we would be happily retired with MM2H in JB. Look forward to working even harder next few years so that we can cross the finishing line in a better position!


Latest HSR & Iskandar updates

It was reported by Media quoting Msia’s Economic Minister Mr Azmin that the HSR had been shelved / delayed indefinitely with the terms of the compensation to be ironed out with the SG’s counterparts over next few mths. However recently SG’s state media Straits Times reported that SG had not agreed to the Deferment & talks are still on-going. 🤨

In the meanwhile, there is no news on the crucial RTS linking Woodlands North (SG) & Bukit Chagar (JB). I have a sneaky feeling this RTS could be Msia’s bargaining chip when dealing with SG on the HSR deal & the associated cancelation/termination costs. This RTS is badly needed to relieve the ever increasing Congestion at both CIQs. It is getting real bad. 😫

Also reported this week in the media, Khazanah (msia’s sovereign wealth fund) wish to sell away both it’s stake in a joint investment with SG’s Temasek (sg’s sovereign wealth fund). This joint investment was created by Past administration (Between Mr Najib & our Prime Minister) from the successful KTM railway land swaps. Are ties & relationships between SG & Msia cooling? 🧐

Lastly there was a news article Quoting Mr Lee Guan Eng (Msia’s Finance Minister) that they are looking to dissolve some Govt Bodies with IRDA (Iskandar Regional Development Authority) being one of them. Already, MACS (Msian Automated Clearance Authority) under IRDA’s purview had been suspended since 12th June. IRDA is crucial to the development of Iskandar Msia i can not fathom dissolving it. 🤦🏻‍♂️

MACS is a fastrack custom clearance initiated by previous Najib’s administration for Investors in Iskandar Malaysia. With MACS, students, investors, business people, frequent travellors for both travel or medical etc can avoid having their passport stamped & it also expedite the custom clearing process which helps alleviate Jams. This sudden suspension without prior notice or reasons does not bode well for Iskandar.

Dr Mahathir’s also recently commented after his working visit to China that he is not agreeable to the Massive influx of chinese nationals from the few massive property development projects in JB via MM2H especially Forest City. It seems to me that Dr Mahathir is not seeing eye to eye with the Sultan of Johor on the overall direction of Iskandar Msia’s progress & developments.

I have mix feelings about Dr Mahathir & his new Govt’s approach & will reserve judgements till later. It is still too early to tell what is the going to happen with regards to HSR, RTS, Iskandar etc. In meantime i will be keeping a close watch on any new developments. Hopefully common sense & logic prevails & i am sure the Sultan of Johor will not allow the economy of Johor to stagnate & investor sentiments to deteriorate. Interesting times ahead. 🧐🤨

Took delivery of my new Car!

Took delivery of my new Honda Fit Hybrid 1.5 yesterday morning. There was a quick shower while i was taking delivery but nothing to dampen the spirits. Everything went smoothly & i drove off in my new car within 30mins. 😊

I bought my car from SG Car Choice p/l located at AMK link thru salesman Kent Ang. The buying experience was smooth & good. Kent was very professional & enthusiastic throughout the buying process responding to any queries i had promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone whom needs a good PI referral.

After taking delivery i proceeded straight to Vicom to paste my PHC decal (Private Hire Decal). The uncle whom pasted the decal commented that it is a pity to use a Brand new car for GRAB & asked me won’t i feel heart pain? 😂 I was stunned for a moment did not know how to react to his comment.

Thereafter i drove straight to Grab office at Sin Ming & registered my new ride for Grabbing. Surprisingly it was not crowded & i got everything settled within 15mins! Now my car is in the Audio Shop (JB) under going some Audio upgrades & additional sound proofing. Look forward to collecting my ride in couple hours time after dinner.

Tomorrow will be my 1st day grabbing with my Xiao Hong (Little Red ). Look forward to seeing More smiling faces on my riders. 😊 Hopefully don’t encounter any incidents to spoil my day. Fingers crossed no Jumping Children 🤞🏻. 😅

My National Day wish for SPORE!

Happy 53rd birthday SG. Feels abit weird to be spending my 2nd national day in JB. Anyway today a friend of mine send me this picture which stirred my emotions enough for me to pen down this blog. 👇🏻

Thou this picture was taken many years ago, this scene is actually more relevant today than before. My guess is going forward the struggle for our Aging population in SG (poorer old folks especially) will get worse. Already this year Elderly suicides in SG is at an all time high. SG please dun end up like another Japan. 🙏🏻 😰

Thou today is my country’s 53rd birthday, the sadness i felt from this picture greatly overwhelmed whatever little pride & joy I initially had. I hope & pray that my Govt will reconsider against raising out GST and come out with a social security net (Special FUND) for these vulnerable old folks. We had built sufficient wealth over 53yrs. Let’s do more to take care of our old.

Currently the amount of red tape to go thru for an elderly before qualifying for social assistance from Govt is not easy & the paperwork & procedures can be quite challenging & tedious. My National day wish is that such barriers could be removed & all old folks over the age of 65 receives automated social assistance & rebates (those whom requires more assistance ie: tiered gets higher payouts & those whom do not need can opt out so as not to deplete the Fund excessively)

Public could also donate to this Fund to make it more sustainable (it could be a govt & private initiative with govt stumping up an initial amount ie: $5billion dollars & injecting surpluses on good years or topping up as required when funds are low). I will definitely subscribe via GIRO to do my part (donation). The Fund will be actively managed by capable people (Temasek or GIC) to seek good returns for the unused Capital aka our CPF. We have both the 💰 & the 🧠 to make this happen. Let’s make it a reality!

Dear Govt, on our 53rd birthday, i humbly & sincerely implore u to do more for our senior citizens (especially those currently stuggling) so that more of them could age with grace & dignity & be less burdened with our ever rising cost of living. I believe this can be done if the political will is there.



I have a Dream!

Past week, i started to fantasize about the possibility of buying a piece of land & constructing our Dream 🏡 on it. One that has ample land for my dogs to run around unleashed, space for my mom to plant her favourite trees (maybe 1-2 durian trees as well? 😅) & room to construct a small pool for me & wifey to 🏊‍♂️ daily in future (retired). As we have limited budget, we can’t aim for a big piece of land. At most up to 15,000sqft.

After speaking to my wife & mom about this crazy idea, this dream of mine officially no longer becomes a personal fantasy. Both of them gave me their approval & support but my wife insisted that we can only act after obtaining our MM2H (Alot of funds & time required here). We will need to prioritise MM2H first as we have insufficient  funds to concurrently embark on both endeavours.

Today, i secretly brought my mom (can’t tell my wife 😅) to Leisure Farm. We went to the Developer’s gallery & did some enquiring. They still have limited plots of land available for sale (12-18000 sqft) priced between $160-180myr per square feet. The sales consultant mentioned that there is no discount currently as Developer Mulpha International is not keen on selling land currently but is opened to offers from genuine buyers. A quick calculation shows the smallest land will cost me $1.9m myr a pop! 😅

We drove around the different Precincts (can’t go in as they are all Gated & Guarded) & observed from the outside. Although many of the parcels were sold but not developed, the plots were well kept (no debris or overgrown shrubs). The common areas (infrastructure & landscapes) were also very well kept. Security was tight & i saw alot of Singapore plate cars within the compound. I had a good impression of this place thou my budget ($1.5m tops) did not agree. 😂 My initial plan was to source for a piece of land for appx $1 – $1.2m myr & another $1m myr to construct a simple 🏡 on it + landscaping & fencing etc.

Next we visited Ledang Heights UEM Show gallery & was told that the entire Ledang Heights plot (501) were long sold out. The sales consultant offered us an alternative project instead Noble Park Villa series phase 4B and i choked when i saw the indicative price starts from $3.9m myr! 😅. I humbly told him this is way beyond my budget. Upon hearing this, he told me that actually there is a plot in ledang heights that an owner is looking to let go within my Budget & ask if i am keen to view. However as it was nearing 5pm, he can only show us the plot the next morning at 10am and we readily agreed!

Thou we are not able to commit anytime soon, i would still be meeting the UEM sales consultant tomorrow as i would like to enter the estate to view the plot of land + get a feel of the entire Estate so as to be able to do a comparison with Leisure Farm. Currently Ledang Heights has an advantage based on location (better connectivity & more commercial activities & schools etc nearby) but i am generally more concerned about the Estate upkeeping itself as this 🏡 is meant for our own stay (retirement) after obtaining MM2H.

After tomorrow’s viewing i would have a clearer picture on where i would prefer & can focus on looking for a good buy next year once my MM2H is obtained. If i managed to get my land next year at a good price, till 2022 we gotta work DOUBLY hard to earn & save up more money to try clear off the mortgage for the land. And if the market conditions are favourable come 2022 (Officially retiring this year! 🤞🏻), we will sell off our Cascadia 🏡 , Sunway’s Citrine Lakehome terrace + KLCC condo to finance the construction of our new 🏡 (Do not want to have any debts when we retired). No rush on this part thou as long as we have gotten the land we wanted (rising land prices). Building the dream 🏠 can wait till the conditions are right.  🤞🏻





Both my msia condo VP soon?

Today received a watsapp from Skysuites@KLCC developer asking me for my details for TNB registration. Asked her any estimated VP date the lady Esther mentioned 4Q 2018. 😱 Was surprised at the pace of construction when the developer send me this current pic 👇🏻

Developer Monoland only started construction in late 2015 & selling the units in 2016. I missed their phase 1 launch & bought phase 2 in late 2016. Can’t imagine i am going get my keys 🔑 soon (under 2yrs from signing S&P). This is a 63 storey development with a huge Sky recreation deck & Infinity pool. Developer took less than 3yrs to complete it… 😅

Coincidentally last weekend i pop by Puteri harbour and took a picture of SMR. Texted my sales with regards to VP & she also indicated 4Q 2018! 😅. Both projects are suppose to only VP in early 2020! Dunno should i be happy or not… 😂

Reason for the mix feelings is because everything seems to be coming at the same time (2units VP, reno + mm2h application). Most pressing will be the amount of Cash flow (500k myr) that is required for the mm2h application. Hopefully my finance will not cock up (Just bought a car as well). Better not think too much wait at night cannot sleep. 😂

Nontheless i am happy that the projects are completing ahead of time & i will be able to get the keys to a completed unit (in msia, it is possible to have developer go bust & u end up serving mortgages on an abandoned project 😭). The leasing market will be very Challenging thou & i 🤞🏻 I will be able to lease both of them out within 6mths from VP (reno timeline included). Gotta be Positive! 😊

Cheers!  🍻

Applying for MM2H

Finally we made contact with Joystay (mm2h) agent to register our interest in applying for mm2h thru them. I have done abit of research on Joystay & they seems to be legit & professional. The fees are also transparent with no hidden costs. ✌🏻

Past week we have corresponded couple of emails & they have responded timely with all the answers to my questions. The next step forward would be for me to download some forms & signed on them & forward back to them along with our passports to initiate the process of our MM2H journey.

The entire process from initiation to submission (3-4mths) & waiting for approval (6-8mths) can take up to 1year or more. Hopefully i can satisfy all the mm2h requirements (alot to be done) & ready my submission latest by end of this year & have my mm2h approved by this time next year. 🙏🏻

The first thing i would do after obtaining my mm2h would be to get a good & reliable maid from a reputable Maid Agency. It’s time my mom gets a helper to assist her with the house chores, gardening & the 🐶 x 3. Having a maid will also allow my mom to go to SG more often (go to monastry for prayers & visit her siblings) + holidays for the Family! This is Long Overdue!

Obtaining the mm2h will give us Complete peace of mind (10yrs renewable  visa) to stay in msia. It is as good as it’s name suggest, My Malaysia 2nd Home. For us rather, it is My Malaysia 1st Home instead 🙊. 🙏🏻 that step by step our dream to retire in Malaysia will materialise by 2022. 🤞🏻

A storm is brewing in Medini?

A certain development had currently initiated a lawsuit against it’s Developer with the non issuance of their Strata Titles in Medini. Below is the link with some details of the complains.

Some of my friends & associates after reading this news also advise me to abort my Sunway purchases since it also shares the special Medini lease attributes and i might not be able to obtain my Strata Titles. Dilemma. 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😭

Owning our Strata titles is important as it is our legal black & white ownership of the property & the land it resides on. If u have a loan, the bank will safe-keep the strata titles as collateral.  Without Strata Titles, technically your next Buyer won’t be able to obtain financing from Banks. This will kill your resale demand hence future Capital appreciation etc.

The problem now with Medini is i believe that the current Malaysian Strata laws does not allow Private Lease land to be able to sub-divide into individual  strata titles & also change hands amongst multiple entities. Thus those current buyers whom filed their lawsuits after their homes VP’ed in Medini felt they have been deceived.

I send my concerns to Sunway & their panel lawyer & Sunway acknowledged my concerns & promised to give us buyers a satisfactory answer soon. They also told me they are going to work closely with the Proprietor (Iskandar Investment Berhad), IRDA & others to come out with an official statement on this issue.

As my purchase is on deferred plan, Citrine Lakehome (dec 2019) & Grid (dec 2020), i have yet to decide if i want to secure loans & if yes how much etc from banks. Technically i am only 5% in (deposit) & if it is confirmed that i will not be able to obtain my Strata titles i will walk away from the deal.

In the meantime i will just chill & wait for Official announcements from both Sunway & relevant Authorities. I might even be able to get back my 5% deposit as it is clearly stated in my S&Ps that applying & obtaining Strata titles prior to VP is a requirement from Sunway under strata act recently passed in 2015. I hope things don’t have to come to such extend & there will be a happy ending for all parties. 🤞🏻

I like Sunway as a developer & also the masterplan that they envisage. Thus i bought into it’s potential & actually looked forward to relocating from Tebrau sometime in the future. I believed e in their community living concept & had been to KL Bandar Sunway twice & really liked what i saw. Will be a waste if Sunway Iskandar could not fulfill it’s ultimate potential due to this Medini Strata Title saga.