Me!!! Before & After!!!

As promised here is to share a little about myself. I used to weigh at my heaviest 116kg back in 2015. I was severely Overweight & suffered from all the 3 Highs. High BP, High cholesterol & Diabetes.

As a result i suffered serious complications from these 3 highs in the form of Heart Disease at the young age of 35. Underwent a series of Life saving operations including Quadruple Heart Bypass & stentings past 18 months & was on a dozen medications daily to keep me alive.

A radical change of lifestyle & diet soon followed. From a Carnivour i switch over completely to becoming Whole Foods Plant Based no Oil. I soon lost weight & currently weighs in at 64kg. A total weight lost of 52kg in a little over 1year’s time.

My last blood work results were Fantastic. Currently the only medications i am on are down from a dozen to 3! A blood thinner, a gastric protector to negate the side effects of the blood thinner & a baby dose of Statin. I have gone off all my other High BP, Diabetic & heart medications. I am looking forward to stopping these last 3 medications as well. Do not underestimate the power of whole foods (plants & fruits). U are what u eat!

Below i will share some pictures of myself before & after. Sometimes i shrudder when i look back at some of those pictures & felt sad i actually allowed myself to degenerate into that state…


Year 2013

Year 2014

Year 2015

I got this picture from my wife. I am surprised she had this pic in her smart phone & she is still Hanging around then back in 2015. 😰

Now let me share afew pictures of myself in 2016 & recently 2017. I am glad i was given a second chance (did not suffer a heart attack or stroke & drop dead) & owe my current transformation to 🌱 & 🍉.

Life is Great all over again!


My HOME for past 7 months!

As usual pictures speaks a thousand words so here it goes:

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Thoroughly enjoyed the calm & serenity of the estate. Air is fresh & space is fantastic. Not to mentioned the lower cost of living. Loving it!


Typical Grocery marketing trip at AEON!

Notice anything missing in these 2 baskets? lol… yeah! Meat!!! Im actually a strict vegan now adopting a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet with no Oils past year or so. The health benefits i got back in return are tremendous! My mom joined me 6 months back & is also reaping the rewards. She is off her High BP medications totally. Medications which she tooked for most of her adult life (23yrs) & had her cholesterol dosage cut in half & is no longer Pre Diabetic. As for myself, i have a long story to share with regards to my health conditions previously which i will blog seperately.

Cheers to Good Health!

(Plants & Fruits are AMAZING!)

The Beginning of my Journey!

Hello all! With the help of my dear friend MOSES this blog of mine is up & running. I know nuts about wordpress & blogging so i will just keep it simple mostly in writings. Let the journey & fun begins!