I have a Dream!

Past week, i started to fantasize about the possibility of buying a piece of land & constructing our Dream 🏡 on it. One that has ample land for my dogs to run around unleashed, space for my mom to plant her favourite trees (maybe 1-2 durian trees as well? 😅) & room to construct a small pool for me & wifey to 🏊‍♂️ daily in future (retired). As we have limited budget, we can’t aim for a big piece of land. At most up to 15,000sqft.

After speaking to my wife & mom about this crazy idea, this dream of mine officially no longer becomes a personal fantasy. Both of them gave me their approval & support but my wife insisted that we can only act after obtaining our MM2H (Alot of funds & time required here). We will need to prioritise MM2H first as we have insufficient  funds to concurrently embark on both endeavours.

Today, i secretly brought my mom (can’t tell my wife 😅) to Leisure Farm. We went to the Developer’s gallery & did some enquiring. They still have limited plots of land available for sale (12-18000 sqft) priced between $160-180myr per square feet. The sales consultant mentioned that there is no discount currently as Developer Mulpha International is not keen on selling land currently but is opened to offers from genuine buyers. A quick calculation shows the smallest land will cost me $1.9m myr a pop! 😅

We drove around the different Precincts (can’t go in as they are all Gated & Guarded) & observed from the outside. Although many of the parcels were sold but not developed, the plots were well kept (no debris or overgrown shrubs). The common areas (infrastructure & landscapes) were also very well kept. Security was tight & i saw alot of Singapore plate cars within the compound. I had a good impression of this place thou my budget ($1.5m tops) did not agree. 😂 My initial plan was to source for a piece of land for appx $1 – $1.2m myr & another $1m myr to construct a simple 🏡 on it + landscaping & fencing etc.

Next we visited Ledang Heights UEM Show gallery & was told that the entire Ledang Heights plot (501) were long sold out. The sales consultant offered us an alternative project instead Noble Park Villa series phase 4B and i choked when i saw the indicative price starts from $3.9m myr! 😅. I humbly told him this is way beyond my budget. Upon hearing this, he told me that actually there is a plot in ledang heights that an owner is looking to let go within my Budget & ask if i am keen to view. However as it was nearing 5pm, he can only show us the plot the next morning at 10am and we readily agreed!

Thou we are not able to commit anytime soon, i would still be meeting the UEM sales consultant tomorrow as i would like to enter the estate to view the plot of land + get a feel of the entire Estate so as to be able to do a comparison with Leisure Farm. Currently Ledang Heights has an advantage based on location (better connectivity & more commercial activities & schools etc nearby) but i am generally more concerned about the Estate upkeeping itself as this 🏡 is meant for our own stay (retirement) after obtaining MM2H.

After tomorrow’s viewing i would have a clearer picture on where i would prefer & can focus on looking for a good buy next year once my MM2H is obtained. If i managed to get my land next year at a good price, till 2022 we gotta work DOUBLY hard to earn & save up more money to try clear off the mortgage for the land. And if the market conditions are favourable come 2022 (Officially retiring this year! 🤞🏻), we will sell off our Cascadia 🏡 , Sunway’s Citrine Lakehome terrace + KLCC condo to finance the construction of our new 🏡 (Do not want to have any debts when we retired). No rush on this part thou as long as we have gotten the land we wanted (rising land prices). Building the dream 🏠 can wait till the conditions are right.  🤞🏻