Grab demand seems to be improving

Past month i have experience better fares & higher demands especially on peak hours & weekend. For the past 2 consecutive Sunday i have managed to gross more than S$400 despite driving more or less  the same 12 to 13hour shift.

Many people had asked me to register & sign up with Go Jek who announced their arrival recently. They are currently accepting new registrations & will contact these drivers later on the details for the sign up process. I prefer to adopt a wait & see strategy as Grab will definitely counter Go Jek if they lose too much drivers / riders.  Who knows staying put might turn out to be a better outcome?

Anyway last sat i did not drive as my neighbour wanted me to accompany him to Leisure Farm after knowing of my long term plan to buy a piece of small land there shall i be able to obtain my mm2h. He is a malaysian. Born in perak but went to SG to study at a young age follow by Australia. Currently a SG PR working in a company (Engineer) related to A Star. High Flyer dude but humble & down to earth. Very frugal & practical too.

He owns 2 🏡 here in Cascadia. One he use for staycations & the other he intends to rent out soon. Recently his neighbour rented out his unit to a big msian family who owns 4 cars. They are quite noisy & it is driving him nuts! 😂. He spoke to them on a few occasions & it is better now but i think he is not comfortable hence the visit to Leisure Farm. Like myself, he is a very private person & values privacy alot. Leisure Farm should appeals to him.

We set off at 9.30am & arrived at Leisure Farm around 10.15am. Drove him around the Estate & stopped by the clubhouse / show gallery to gather more information. I think he is quite keen as he asked alot of questions & requested to have the sales & marketing mgr’s contact for further liason. When we left, he was telling me that good neighbours are extremely important even if u own a bigger piece of land & he hopes we can be each other’s neighbours. 😂

We stopped by Forest City for a quick look. The construction i must say is crazyily fast!!! From my last visit 1yr+ ago with just a show gallery cum shopping tower + hotel, now there are Completed Massive Apts all over! Damn they are fast & all these on reclaimed land? 🧐. Anyway both of us looked at the high density apts staring us in our faces & frowned. 🙊. Next we went to Sunway Iskandar for a quick sushi lunch & returned back to Cascadia.

We had a brief discussion on Leisure Farm otw back & he seems genuinely interested in buying a piece of land there for the right price & topology. He even commented that he will only decide to buy after engaging a Fengshui master to conduct an audit. As he is the creater of our Cascadia Watsapp group, he mentions that he will be buzzing some good neighbours here to see if they share our interest on Leisure Farm. It will be cool if we could have a cluster of us there in future as immediate neighbours.


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