Final plans for our Adventures in Iskandar

Coming Friday 14th Dec we would be collecting the keys to our Yishun 3 room resale HDB flat located in Chong Pang City. The 40yr old unit is in it’s original condition & a lot of renovation is required. I am hoping to be able to rehap the unit for $20k and completes it before CNY. Next year’s CNY I believe falls on 5th & 6th Feb. My wife & I are going to relocate back from JB into this cosy home for the next 3yrs (before retiring for good) due to the constant JAMS that had gotten worse in recent times & her impending promotion. We also intend to let out 1 of the common room at $600 for passive income to boost our savings.

The plan is for my wife to tender her resignation (Need give 3mths notice) exactly 3yrs (Year 2022) after we move into Yishun next year. There is a very high possibility that she will be promoted from her current role (Branch Mgr) into Operations. We have spoken at length about this impending promotion & we’re both of the view that if the pay rise is not substantial, she will reject the promotion & maintain status Quo. Because once u go into Operations, the amount of work & work related stress is Enormous. Since it’s the last leg of our Careers (Rat Race?), we both don’t mind putting in more sacrifices in exchange for more monetary rewards.

I will also be retaking my RES course (Property licence) and exam, hopefully I will be able to pass it. The main reason for doing so is because I will be able to save commission in future from both the renting & selling of both our Condos when I liquidate them prior to retiring back to JB with our MM2H (Hopefully can approve, already submitted on 15/11 to MOT). Who knows I might also be able to score some deals with the licence next 3yrs? I will still be mainly driving GRAB for my $4k nett salary (target) per mth.

Our target is from year 2019 to year 2022, we need to save at least S$50k per year. These money saved coupled with the sale proceeds of both our condos (with god’s grace no mkt recession etc), we should be able to clear most if not all our property mortgages in Malaysia. We’ll just live simply on the passive incomes generated from our properties. I still intends to drive my GRAB on weekends both for passing time as well as making some money for our future Quarterly Holiday Adventures! Looking forward to YEAR 2022! 🙂

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