Completion of HDB sale

Tomorrow we are going out early in the morning to complete my mom’s HDB purchase of the 3rm resale unit at blk 101 chong pang city. However, the keys collection in the presence of the HDB officer will only be a formality as we are granting the sellers a six weeks extension thus we’ll be returning the keys back to them. Hopefully they do not need to delay the handover any further.

As the unit is in original condition since day 1 (40yrs old), alot of renovation needs to be done in order to make it cozy for us to move in for the next few years. We (me & wife) plan to stay there (after CNY) for a maximum of 5yrs before we will call it a day (Retire from workforce) & we’ll subsequently rent out the whole unit (MOP 5yrs) for passive income (cash 🐮). I only have a max budget of $25k to work with. Hope can stay within budget & yet achieve a decent reno outcome. 🙏🏻

Tomorrow we will also be running to afew banks to tie up the last bit of loose ends for my mm2h application. Once those are sorted out i will be able to email (tomorrow evening) the complete set of application to my agent Joystay for formal submission to Ministry of Tourism (Finally!) The amount of documentation & leg work needed to get all things in order is no walk in the park. Hopefully from then on everything will run smoothly & we can be given the approval for the visa. 🙏🏻


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