Changes to MM2H application?

Recently there were news that MM2H had been suspended / scrapped by the current PH Govt. As we’re in the midst of collating & preparing our Documents for the MM2H submission, i immediately emailed my Agent JoyStay for updates. Fortunately the agent replied that MM2H is still available & urge us to not delay our submission as things can go south anytime. πŸ˜–

The Agent said that the approval timeline might be delayed from the initial 6-8mths to 9-12mths. Reason being MM2H is now being taken out from the portfolio of Ministry of Tourism & placed under the purview of Home Ministry. They mentioned that the checks will be more Stringent & they also have no idea how will the approval be like going forward.

Although i am happy that Msia had a new Govt (promises to be clean & fair), there seems to be abit of a bias currently towards Foreign Investors. I hope that in the months ahead the New Govt can be more assuring & jump the gun less often with half baked announcements. This is not the first time they had announced something & had to either back track or u-turn. This is certainly not encouraging for FDIs.

Anyway in another 3 weeks i hope to ready my MM2H application & have it formally submitted. This visa thing had been weighing on my mind past months & i will be very glad to get it over with (while waiting for the results). Hopefully we can get the approval (10yrs visa) & we can thereafter settle down (Get a maid + do some home improvements) in JB in peace & for the long haul. 🀞🏻


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