What we drink daily?

Followers of my blog will know that the only beverage i consume is plain water. Actually mostly filtered & PH 9 water to be exact. Once in a blue moon i will consume Hot Japanese 🍵  sugar free. It is generally recommended to consume 2 litres of plain water daily to hydrate ourselves & detoxify properly.

I often hear from my friends & relatives complaining why they do not seem to lose weight despite limiting their food portions. Many do not understand the concept of Caloric Density. It is not the Quantity u eat but the Quality u eat. Fats & Sugars are extremely caloric dense. U do not need eat alot of these to gain weight & eventually fall sick.

Many also do not pay attention to what they drink on a daily basis. They underestimate the amount of sugar, milk, cream etc in these beverages which all adds up to their total caloric consumption for the day. It can easily run to 500kcal or more daily. Below are some pics on how much sugar u are actually consuming with every drink.

Look at the amount of sugar in a can of coke? Scary isn’t it? Behind the nice packaging is a huge load of sugar which we will never put into our coffee or tea ourselves… so please beware of what u choose to eat & drink on a daily basis.



Latest 2017 ❤️ Cat Scan results.

Just collected back my comprehensive CT Scan for my ❤️ . Comparing to the previous one done last year, most of my heart disease (CVD) are under controlled & not progressing (blockages) further. 🙏🏻In fact, there is some regression in my Right Distal Coronary Artery. It was significant at 65% stenosis last year & now is at a moderate 50%.

This is the latest 2017 CT result:

This is last year 2016’s CT result:

My cardiologist had agreed to further cut my cholesterol dose (20mg simvastatin) by half to 10mg. In the near future i might be able to stop my cholesterol medication. My blood thinners were also changed from Brilinta 90mg twice daily to Plavix 75mg once in the morning. Hopefully this will further help reduce my lingering Gastric issues.

I had been told by doctors, nurses, friends & associates that CVD (coronary vascular disease) is a non curable & progressive disease. Optimum Medications, healthy diet & lifestyle at best can only slow it down. I delighted to see that my CT scans not only showed arrest of the progression but regression in one of the arteries from 65% to 50%.

With the results from my latest CT ❤️ scan, i am even more determined now to work harder on my Diet (stricter). I need to cut out all plant foods that are high in fats completely ie: (durians 😰, soya milk, tofu, avocado, nuts & seeds, edamame etc). It is actually not that difficult now that i have adapted to eating this way. Whole plant foods are delicious & it can save our Life!

Cheers to better health!



Cooking Oils & our health

Readers who follow my post so far knows i do not consume or use oils of any kinds in my diet. But i reckon 99% of people can’t live without them thus i would like to share some information on what are the safer ones to use. Below is a chart for you’ll to refer to. In general, u should avoid oils containing large amount of Omega 6 like the plague. I personally also will avoid oils high in Saturated fat. Oils high in Omega 3 will be a smart choice. As such my Top Choice would be Flaxseed oil follow by Canola oil & Olive oil etc.

I always believe that chronic diseases including cancer starts from systemic inflammation in our body due to excess animal consumption & it’s by products. Oils high in Omega 6 & saturated fats used to deep fry animal foods are a Double Whammy. Processed foods also contains a large amount of Omega 6 & saturated fat. The worst of the lot being trans fat. We would do well to avoid / reduce / stop injesting such health harming foods.

The ideal Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio to keep Inflammation in check is below 4:1. Unfortunately with the industrial diet / western diet we have nowadays, the ratio on average are hovering around 16:1. This is one of the main reasons why people nowadays are getting more sick & are getting diseases at a much younger age. My history is a very good example of the potential damages to our body such a way of eating can cause to us & our family.

I would like to advise readers to reduce / avoid animal products consumption, highly processed foods, highly inflammatory veg oils, highly refined sugar & salt consumption & simple carbohydrates. We should increase our intake of natural whole foods containing lot’s of complex carbohydrates & Starchy vegetables + fruits. These high fibre high nutrient foods reduces inflammation, cholesterol, high blood pressure & blood glucose.




Some pictures of what i eat Daily.

Yesterday i went out to SG for a medical appointment and visited my favourite Yong Tau Foo stall at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, St 12 Blk 121 for lunch. The yong tau foo stall is run by a young chap and his prices are really affordable at $0.30 per piece. I usually order 10pcs + beehoon $0.50 totalling $3.50. Here’s a picture of how it looks like.

Below is a typical healthy meal that i have at home. I rarely eat outside unless i really need to travel.

The spring rolls are made up of potatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, black fungus, green peas, onions & chestnut. We airfry them for 10mins & eat them with Balsamic Vinegar. Delicious Healthy Snacks! No oils or animal products were used. ☺️

Once a week we would have a Vegetarian Steamboat. I always over eats as the veg are so Delicious! 😋

Generally 70-80% of my daily Kcal comes from Complex Starchy Vegetables. The balance 20+% comes from Leafy Veg & Fruits. No Kcal from oil, sugar or animal products. No processed foods. I avoid simple carbs as well & only eat them when i’m travelling as not easy to find brown rice options outside.

It’s been a year since i ate this way & i have reaped tremendous health benefits from it. I also no longer have cravings for meat & sweet stuffs. Whenever i come across people eating FRIED stuffs especially those still driping with oils, i find myself saying a little prayer for the person eating them.


Latest bloodwork results.

This morning i went to SG to collect my routine bloodwork results. Doc is happy with them & is agreeable to lowering my cholesterol dose further if my next quarterly results are as good. My Statin Dosage went down from 80mg to 20mg in a year. Next target is 10mg & hopefully i can stop completely by next year. Fingers crossed as statins are known to cause damage to liver, muscles & increase risk of Diabetes. I prefer to let 🌱 & 🍉 do the healing instead.

For cholesterol, the most important indicator is LDL followed closely by Total cholesterol. To convert the numbers to mmol which is commonly used in SG, u need to divide by 38.6. So my latest LDL if converted to mmol = 1.42 & total cholesterol = 2.75mmol. LDL cholesterol forms most of the waxy substance known as plaque that clogs our arteries & veins throughout the body.

The 3 most common areas to be affected are Heart arteries, Neck carotid arteries & Leg peripheral arteries & veins. The 2 biggest feared complications are Heart Attacks & Strokes. They are extremely debilitating & can cause permanent disability & sudden death. So please take your cholesterol numbers seriously. The only food source that does not contain cholesterol are from 🌱 & 🍉.

Besides Cholesterol, it is important to watch your Saturated Fat intake as they promote cholesterol production in our Liver. Most cholesterol & saturated fats are found in animal products. By avoiding / minimising the consumption of animal & it’s by products, u can greatly reduce your cholesterol numbers & cut your risk of heart attacks & strokes.

Lastly i would like to talk about my HBA1C (3mths average blood glucose). As an ex diabetic whom requires both insulin & metformin twice daily, i am totally off these medications past 9 months. My HBA1C numbers are still coming down with zero medications. All because of 🌱 & 🍉. I last weigh myself with a device which can calculate my % body fat & it is currently 14.7% (highest was 38.3% previously measured in hospital in 2015).

I eat alot of Complex Carbohydrates (please google what they are) daily. They form the bulk (70-80%) of my daily energy (kcal) intake. Many Diabetics would tell me No No No… i was specifically told by my doc & dietitian to minimise Carbohydrate consumption but there is a Big difference between Complex carbs & refined carbs.

By minimising the consumption of carbohydrates indeed u can minimise the symptoms of spiking blood sugar but this is not treating the cause! The actual cause of your blood sugar spiking is Insulin Resistance caused by Fatty Cells in your body. The excess FATS in your cells prevents the insulin (produced by our pancreas) from doing it’s job (channel glucose from blood stream into body cells) to be converted into clean energy for daily needs. As a result the glucose from the injested carbs gets stuck in your bloodstream and circulates throughout your body for many hours causing great harms.

So if u were to maintain a moderate diet or worst (avoid eating carbs), u will inevitably eat more protein & fats (mostly animal products) which will further exacerbate the insulin resistance in your body as cells gets more & more fatty. This is the main reason why almost all Diabetics do not get better and need to increase their medications over time as the cause of the disease itself is not being addressed.


My Family before & now…

This family picture was taken way back in 2011 on a cruise. We’re all obese my wife included. 😅

This pic below was us at Cameron Highland march this year .

Everyone had lost weight including my lovely wife. I am so proud of my mother whom at 64 years young was willing to change her way of eating. It was not easy but her hardwork pays off. At her heaviest she weighs 85kg. Today she is 58kg & still dropping weight gradually.

As i previously mentioned, she is no longer taking her BP medications (2 different combinations for 23yrs). Her cholesterol & blood sugar readings were Excellent. She no longer complains about pain in her lower back, knee & ankles. Her cholesterol medication was cut in half 3 months back & hopefully can be reduced further / stopped in the coming months / years.

As for my lovely wife Stephanie, she is unable to transit to our way of eating fully but she had increased her consumption of whole foods (plant & fruits) & reduced her consumption of meat, dairy, oil, sugar, salt & processed foods etc.

It is not an all or nothing approach to eating a Whole Foods plant based diet to regaining your health back. It’s is a wide Spectrum. U decide where u want to be. The more u do, the healthier u become! 💪🏻

And do not forget lifestyle factors as well. Moderate exercises, no smoking, drinking, enough sleep (7-8hrs daily) & minimising stress all have a part to play. Both myself(22yrs smoker) & wife(20yrs smoker) are ex-smokers. We both quit in 2015! Good riddance i say. 😊


My current status in Iskandar

Due to my previous medical conditions & on-going issues (arrhythmia & chronic Gastritis), i am still unable to work (go back singapore).  Both my arrhythmia & gastritis causes debilitating symptoms for me like extreme dizziness, pre-syncope, fatigue, nauseous, breathlessness, rapid heart rates, cold etc.

Exercise or trying to stay active aggravates the symptoms. So my day to day activities are somewhat limited. My gastritis are mainly caused by my on-going consumption of blood thinners Brilinta 90mg 2x a day. These blood thinners really mess up our Stomach linings. I pray daily that in the near future i can stop taking them. As when my Gastritis flares up it triggers my Arrythmia which further destabilises me. Vicious cycle.

I am BLESSED to have a wife whom i had knew for over 20years & married for 15 by my side. She is one tough cookie being the sole breadwinner now for our family of 3.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how u see it, we do not have children. Daily she braves the JB to SG crossings 5 times a week to put food on the table. I will blog on her custom crossing experiences on another day.

I would like to use this opportunity to express my love & gratitude to my Wonderful wife for all the sacrifices & hardwork she had put into our family. Dear, i love u. Thank you. 😘

Me!!! Before & After!!!

As promised here is to share a little about myself. I used to weigh at my heaviest 116kg back in 2015. I was severely Overweight & suffered from all the 3 Highs. High BP, High cholesterol & Diabetes.

As a result i suffered serious complications from these 3 highs in the form of Heart Disease at the young age of 35. Underwent a series of Life saving operations including Quadruple Heart Bypass & stentings past 18 months & was on a dozen medications daily to keep me alive.

A radical change of lifestyle & diet soon followed. From a Carnivour i switch over completely to becoming Whole Foods Plant Based no Oil. I soon lost weight & currently weighs in at 64kg. A total weight lost of 52kg in a little over 1year’s time.

My last blood work results were Fantastic. Currently the only medications i am on are down from a dozen to 3! A blood thinner, a gastric protector to negate the side effects of the blood thinner & a baby dose of Statin. I have gone off all my other High BP, Diabetic & heart medications. I am looking forward to stopping these last 3 medications as well. Do not underestimate the power of whole foods (plants & fruits). U are what u eat!

Below i will share some pictures of myself before & after. Sometimes i shrudder when i look back at some of those pictures & felt sad i actually allowed myself to degenerate into that state…


Year 2013

Year 2014

Year 2015

I got this picture from my wife. I am surprised she had this pic in her smart phone & she is still Hanging around then back in 2015. 😰

Now let me share afew pictures of myself in 2016 & recently 2017. I am glad i was given a second chance (did not suffer a heart attack or stroke & drop dead) & owe my current transformation to 🌱 & 🍉.

Life is Great all over again!


Typical Grocery marketing trip at AEON!

Notice anything missing in these 2 baskets? lol… yeah! Meat!!! Im actually a strict vegan now adopting a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet with no Oils past year or so. The health benefits i got back in return are tremendous! My mom joined me 6 months back & is also reaping the rewards. She is off her High BP medications totally. Medications which she tooked for most of her adult life (23yrs) & had her cholesterol dosage cut in half & is no longer Pre Diabetic. As for myself, i have a long story to share with regards to my health conditions previously which i will blog seperately.

Cheers to Good Health!

(Plants & Fruits are AMAZING!)