Wah Tor Tit Tat part 2!

We visited WTTT twice on our trip to KL Bandar Sunway. We visited their Puchong branch on tues & today. Will need to go back weekly for at least another 4-6 sessions in order for them to treat my wife’s slip disc problem thoroughly.

Their exact address is at no.8, jalan puteri 1/2, bandar puteri puchong, puchong 47100. They are located approximately 6km away from Bandar Sunway. Short 10 mins drive without traffic JAMs. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

On tues my wife was treated by Master Steven. He was firm, professional, friendly & skillful. The treatment was very good & my wife felt much better afterwards. But while the treatment was on-going, due to her nerve being extremely tight, she experienced alot of pain when Master Steven tries to loosen it. At times tears were flowing from my wife & she had to stop βœ‹πŸ»Β for short breaks.

Master Steven was very patient to accomodate my wife’s request but he was firm to insist that she completes the treatment which lasted a little over 30mins. Today’s treatment was conducted by another Master as Master Steven was not on Duty today. My wife says he’s was equally good πŸ‘πŸ» if not better. However she did not ask for his name. πŸ˜….

From here we deduced that all the Masters that are randomly assigned to patients base on their complains are specialists in their respective fields & are all competent Masters to treat their complains effectively. Thou it’s a long drive from JB to KL, we feel it is worth it. Will be up again every Thursday till she completes 6 treatments & review from there.

Spinal issues if not rectified from young & at an early age will pose big complications & might even hinder mobility later on especially in our golden years. So please, if u found a good master to treat u, please adhere to their treatments schedule religiously & follow the Diet & Lifestyle recommendations earnestly. All the best!


Does Ubering take a toll on my health?

This is my 6th (final) week into Ubering. Uber will cease to exist come 8th Apr Sunday. Many friends, relatives & well wishers constantly reminds me not to push myself too hard (drive such long hours). Sometimes it makes me wonder if im indeed causing harm to my own health?

Physically speaking, other than some aches on my right feet & bum (common), i feel fine. I have adapted to driving relatively quickly even the punishing 15 hours schedules are ok surprisingly Β . I think it is because of my Diet. I strongly believe it helps my body stays strong & at ease (no inflammation diet).

However, past 6weeks, i am eating alot less Greens. Thou i pack lunch daily but nowadays it’s usually Wholegrains High Fibre Sprouted breads instead of vegetables + rice (harder to keep warm & fresh). Dinner outside is usually Yong Tau Foo & i try to eat as many vegetables as i can (within reasonable costs). I miss myΒ πŸ₯¦Β !

I will be doing my blood work & lipid test come June. I think my cholesterol numbers might go up. Especially LDL & Triglycerides. Greens help keep the numbers low & i’m not exactly getting enough of them. Gotta make up for the shortfalls on my off days (veg steamboat). Hopefully the test results will stay Good. πŸ™πŸ».

Next week i’m going to Sunway KL hotel (gift from buying Sunway 🏑)Β for few days to rest & chill. Will share some pics & blog about anything of interest. Will also bring my wife for another round of lower back treatment as WTTR (wah tor tit tat) has a branch within Sunway itself. πŸ’ͺ🏻

SATA checkup for PDVL application

Yesterday went to SATA for my Xray & review by GP (requirement by LTA before eligible to apply for PDVL course/licence). Paid $42.80 for the xray + doc review. While having my review with the Doc, i declared that i have existing heart disease & had undergone both CABG & stenting. That’s where things got complicated.

The doc gave me a long stare before coming to terms. She had a look of disbelief & say im only 37… Shook her head a little & proceed to write a comment beside my LTA application form (High Risk). 😰. She explained to me that as i will be providing a public service with passengers in my vehicle, it is very important that my health / heart is fit to do so as lives are at stake.

She required me to do a treadmill ECG exercise stress test. I agreed & requested if i could do it immediately. She asked her nurse if they are ok & fortunately the clinic was not crowded & they quickly got the setup in place. It cost me an additional $235. Ouch!

I exercised on the treadmill till Stage 4 slightly after the 10mins mark. Started to feel breathless but my calves are killing me so i requested to stop. My heartbeat reached 161 & the doc says it is good enough. Doc says i registered 13.5 METS which is good for a heart patient. 😬

However, the results from the ECG readings need to be dispatched to a Cardiologist for review & will only be available to me in 2weeks. In the meantime i could not proceed to book my PDVL licence. 🀞🏻 that the review in 2 weeks can certify me FIT for private driving (uber/grab).

Before i left doc mentioned that according to LTA requirements, heart patients like myself need to do this treadmill ecg test yearly. I nodded my head & thank her before leaving. Felt a little sad on my way out but gotta be positive. Life goes on irregardless. ✌🏻


Laying my High LP(a) to rest!

This week, i was very fortunate to receive two very important advise from people (Dr John Mcdougall & Dr Caldwell Esselstyn) whom i had looked up to & was diligently following their Diet (Whole foods plant based no oil). πŸ™πŸ»

I emailed both of them with my concern about my high LP(a) (Genetic) & my Cardiologist wanting to start me on a new expensive but effective Lipid drug called PCSK9. First to reply me the very next day was Dr Mcdougall. Here’s what he advises me. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Couple of days later i received a reply mail from Dr Esselstyn’s wife Ann requesting i called her husband which i did gratefully & had a good conversation with him.

Both Doctors had roughly the same advice for me. That is as long as i’m keeping to the strict Diet & lifestyle, my endothelial cells will be intact & healthy thus cholesterol of any kinds (especially LDLs) as long as Total cholesterol amount is low (under 150) will not cause me any harm.

Both doctors also told me to err on the safe side as PCSK9 is still a relatively new Drug & the harms it might cause is still not well documented. Most important of all my Total cholesterol at 110 is already rock bottom thus there is certainly no need to lower it any further with Drugs. All drugs causes potential side effects & harms.

These 2 self-less great man & their family whom advocates a Whole foods plant based diet with no oil (for decades) had gone out of their way (busy schedules) to reply me, a nobody thousand of miles away. I felt much RELIEVED after conversing with these 2 experts.

After a few more days of reading up the scientific literature on LP(a), PCSK9 & cholesterol on CAD (coronary artery disease), i decided not to proceed with the PCSK9 drug therapy & continue with my Diet + lifestyle approach with minimum existing Drug therapy (blood thinners + baby statin) to combat my CAD. It’s all about the Food! πŸ˜‰


Lipoprotein (a) Lipid result

Last week went for my routine Cardiologist appointment & was shown my LP(a) result. It was bad. Coming in at 66mg/dl. LP(a) or Lipoprotein (a) is documented to be a big risk factor for artery clogging (atherosclerosis) & blood clotting (heart attack & stroke). Normal should be under 30mg/dl & ideal is below 20mg/dl. 😰

Total cholesterol was good. At 110. TG at 89. HDL 40 & LDL at 53. HBA1c was 5.4, fasting Blood sugar was 85mg/dl & HS-Crp at 0.2. All the rest of the blood markers were excellent except for my LP(a). High LP(a) is Genetic by nature. It does not usually respond to diet or lifestyle & statins. 😰

Doc wants to start me on a new breakthrough & super expensive Drug PCSK9. It is documented to lower Cholesterol especially the BAD LDL & the worst of it Lipoprotein (a) by up to 60%. But the treatment cost approximately S$10,000. 😰

I am to redo my LP(a) Cholesterol test in 3mths. If the numbers still stay high, he wants me to start PCSK9. Doc suggested further increasing my fruits & vegetables intake + supplementation of Vit C & Niacin together with daily 1-2cups of Green Tea for their Antioxidants. Hopefully the LP(a) numbers will come down next review. Β πŸ™πŸ»

I emailed my Idol Dr Mcdougall & he was as usual very prompt to reply my concern with regards to my high LP(a) numbers. He mentioned that all that matters is Total Cholesterol count & mine being at 110 is very low so that’s all that matters. ✌🏻

He wants me to stay strict on my Whole foods plant based no oil (Mcdougall Diet) & further reduce my weight from current 65kg (BMI 22.5) to 60kg (BMI 20.5). This last 5kg is really tough to do it. Looks like i need to go easy on my portion size & eat 1-2 less servings of fruits.

Heart disease is really a very expensive & tricky illness to contract & manage. The main cause of it is down to High Cholesterol. We will do well to keep our Dietary cholesterol as low as possible. None will be best. Stay away from πŸ–!!!


My wife’s Bone Setting experience

Yesterday we attended Master Chris Leong’s JB tour event. It was held at Swiss Inn Hotel JB from Fri 22/9 to 27/9 wed. Despite the hefy charges, Β It was Fully booked. πŸ˜“

Each session with his entourage consult + treat cost S$250 or $900myr. It’s not cheap & might be mind-boggling to others. I booked a slot for my wife bcoz she had a long standing lower back issue which could not be resolved despite seeing afew bone-setting masters.

Master Chris Leong was treated by his patients & followers like a celebrity. Many of his patients after treatments requested for a picture of him before leaving. Most of them i must say seemed happy with their treatments.

Our appointment was for 11-1pm. We arrived at 10.30am & was attended to at 12.45pm. My wife was treated by his apprentice which disappointed us a little. Nonetheless he did a great job in the 20mins session. I could literally hear every bone of my wife’s cracking from head to toe. Made my hair stand!

After her session she was given a list of things not to do & a number of food not to injest. Throughout the day I monitored & asked my wife on a few occasions if she felt ok (better?) & she nodded. She said her body felt much loosened & her lower back pain had subsided alot.

But then to us it’s still early days to judge if the treatment is indeed successful & value for $. In the meantime she is enjoying her post treatment benefits & we πŸ™πŸ» that it will last as long as possible.


My father in law is warded…

My wife just text me to say she is currently in hospital with her dad (suspected stroke). Hope nothing bad or serious & wish him a speedy recovery πŸ™πŸ». It’s Just Few months ago my aunt was diagnosed with Breast cancer. 😰😰😰

My father in law is a chain smoker. And he does not have the best Diet or Lifestyle practices. 2 years back he was diagnosed with Kidney failure stage 3 & Diabetes. Had told my wife to warn him about his smoking & dietary intake.

The scary thing about stroke is that it can be an extremely Debilitating illness. Not just the patient suffers but their caregivers get it the worst. My aunt who was my Grandma’s (stroke) sole care-giver for many years went into Depression resulting in her Eventual Suicide many years later. 😰

I hope my father in law can finally quit his chain smoking & turn his Diet around. It might sounds bad but i pray this incident can serve as a wake up call for him to do the right thing. Not just for himself but also for his children & family’s sake.

Most of my friends & relatives eat the SAD (standard american diet). Lot’s meat, dairy, oil, salt, sugar, processed foods especially fried & very little wholegrains, veg & fruits. I was one of them as well. So it’s no surprise people nowadays are dropping like flies especially the younger ones. It’s theΒ FOOD! 😰

Buddy & Family came visit.

My buddy of over 30yrs came for a short stay with his family. Nice sweet family of 4. Delighted to host them as always. Lovely people to have as company. 😍

Brought them to have some durians. Last chance to eat some before the Durian season officially ends next week. Only very limited Quantity left. Quality so so & very pricey… 😰

After satisfying our Durian cravings we decided to go visit an Organic Farm at Ayer Hitam (Zenxin). It was a quick 50mins drive from my 🏑.

The quick tour lasted 45mins. Pretty decent for a short visit (small farm). Everyone of us had a good time here & we end it with a healthy Organic Vegetarian Steamboat Dinner. 😍

The food quality were pretty decent. Prices were economical as well. Our dinner for us (4adults + 2kids) cost $80myr. My mother bought 2 big bags of Organic Vegetables before we departed back home to JB. 😬

Below is their (Zenxin) website & location if u guys wanna pop by check them out & have a meal here.Β http://www.zenxin.com.my/

Useful Daily Dietary & Lifestyle Guidelines!

The under 2 posts are courtesy of Jeff Novick taken from the Mcdougall forum of which i’m a member of. His 12 / 13 points / guides are excellent thus i want to share them here hopefully his message could reach more Audiences & save more Lives!

It’s not an All or nothing approach. It’s a wide Spectrum. U decide where u want to be on that Healthy Spectrum. We do not have to go all out (For a start). The more u do / practise the healthier u’ll be. When u see / feel the differences (positive changes both physically & mentally) u will be motivated to do more!

In Health!


Visit my Big Aunt in SG

Visited my Big Aunt in SG yesterday. She had contracted Breast Cancer Stage 2. Very depressed & withdrawn since the sudden diagnosis few days back. When we met her her eyes were puffy & she looked jaded. Heart pain to see her like this. Fortunately her husband is a strong pillar of support for her. Very loving & lovely couple.

Spent few hours chatting & going thru her options. Gave her our own honest opinions & tried to encourage her to be positive. Told her that breast cancer is very common in SG & for Stage 2 successful treatment & remission is over 90%. Reminded her that Breast cancer is not a death sentence & this is a war which she can win. Must stay positive.

She was initially resisting surgery as she wanted to preserve her breast & just do drugs, radiation & chemo. We advised her otherwise. To proceed with Surgery asap to remove the cancerous cells. Hopefully she can make the right call. We also touch on Diet & lifestyle as a very important element of her war against the cancer.

Told her to cut out meat & Dairy (especially cancer causing) & oil (especially Fried foods), processed junk foods & all forms of sugar from her Diet. To reduce / avoid eating simple carbs ( white flower) products like breads, biscuits, noodles, pastries etc which she loves. And oso packaged 3 in 1 coffee which she drinks multiple cups a day. Told her to load up daily on these SuperFoods to help her fight her cancer cells.

  • Natural Soy products
  • Green tea
  • Mushrooms
  • Flaxseeds (grounded)
  • Broccoli (green preferred)
  • Apples (with skins)
  • All forms of Berries (Black best)
  • All kinds of Beans

In addition to eating these above mentioned 8 Superfoods daily, i recommended her a Multivitamin as well & to Load up on Fibre & Anti-oxidants (veg & fruits). A water filtration system that produces Alkaline water can help as well to reduce the acidic state of our body. Cancer cells do not do well in an alkaline environment. The more acidic (google acidic foods) u consume, the faster they multiply. A positive mindset & Daily moderate exercise ie: walking for an hour will also help. A multi prong approach is needed to fight off this dreaded disease.