Cheap Malaysian Kampung Durians!

Just bought these back from my nearby vicinity. 5 kampung durians for $30myr. ๐Ÿ˜œ Lelong Lelong…

Taste is reasonable. At $6 myr each can’t really complain. Most of them are ripe, bitter sweet. A small % of them are either under ripe or over riped. Seeds are big & flesh little. Certainly can’t compare to the better grades like XO, MSW ๐Ÿฑ.

Currently the season for MSW ๐Ÿฑย (Musang King) durians are poor. Quantity is very little & price are sky high $90myr / kg. Quality is below average thus for this price point it is akin to Daylight Robbery to me! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Usually at this time of the year (june to august) is durian season. MSW ๐Ÿฑย are plentiful & quality are fantastic. At it’s peak harvest in July MSW pricing can go down to $28myr / kg. But no such luck this season. Gotta wait for next season to come… ๐Ÿ˜ฐ An example of a picture of a Top grade in season MSW ๐Ÿฑย durians.

In recent years, due to the marketing of Iskander by the Chinese Developers ie: Country Garden, Greenland, R&F etc in China, plane loads of chinese buyers start flocking into Iskandar to acquire these properties, while here, they were introduced to malaysian durians & many of them acquired a strong taste for MSW ๐Ÿฑย durians.

Recently there are news of them buying & pre-ordering these Durians direct from Durian plantations with some richer ones buying the durian orchard outright. Because of this huge demand from China, past 2 years MSW ๐Ÿฑย durians pricing had seen a strong surge with no signs of abating anytime soon. Going forward MSW ๐Ÿฑย lovers are going to have to accept paying Top dollars for this exotic King of Fruit.


Informal Gathering!

Yesterday there was an informal gathering for fellow residents of SEC (Setia Eco Cascadia) at Starbucks (just besides our residence) in Seri Austin. Quite a number of residents turned up and we had a nice Coffee Appreciation session conducted by Starbucks. The evening went along nicely & 3 hours just flew by. We started at 6.30pm & ended at 9.45pm.

Hopefully our organiser can host another meetup soon as we can get to know our neighbours better & foster a deeper Kampung spirit within our community. Majority of the residents who turned up happened to be either Singaporeans or Singapore PRs. Looks like SEC is quite a popular choice (2nd home) for my fellow countrymen. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

My home SG’s future?

Recently the public squabble & accusation between our PM & his family is getting a fair bit of attention both locally & internationally. The main issue is the handling of the premise of our beloved late PM & founding father Lee Kwan Yew. While his 2 children on one hand calls for the demolition of the premise as Mr Lee Kwan Yew publicly stated as his wish upon his demise, our current PM lee hsien loong is leaving this matter to parliament to decide.

As an ordinary Singaporean, i feel we should respect Mr Lee’s wish & demolish the premise. We do not need the house to remember him and his contribuitions to Singapore. Respecting his last wish to me is the best way of showing our respect & honour to Mr Lee Kwan Yew. I hope this issue which is currently getting far too much media attention between the Lee Family gets settled promptly so we & our PM can move on & focus on more pressing matters that affects SG going forward.

On the rise of China & their expansion through OBOR (one belt one road) & especially via the South China Sea, my view is that in the past while our Late PM Lee Kwan Yew is still in power, we can afford to punch above our weight & weigh in on International issues even thou it might not directly affect us & get away with it relative unscathed because of the deep respect world leaders have for him. Can we still afford to do so nowadays?

Many of our allies & neighbours in Asean & Asia past few years had warmed up to China despite her encroachment on their territorial claims on the South China Sea. Many had resorted to negotiations in exchange of economic aids rather than a confrontative / accusative stance. I hope Singapore which do not have a claim on the South China sea refrains from commenting on this issue & focus instead on our own domestic & foreign challenges.

We certainly do not want to risk a fate like Qatar (Singapore) being boycotted currently by her neighbouring states (Asean) with Saudi Arabia (China) as the primary instigater. The consequences shall such an event happens to Singapore could be disastrous. We certainly do not want to be left out of OBOR & be an enemy of China when US had scrapped the TPP (unilaterally) & signalled her intention to refocus on her own country & economy going forward.


Max the naughty Boy!

Max is my eldest (out of 3 corgi). Today he sneak up (out of bounds to all 3 corgis) to my first floor & pee on both my Guest room’s bed. My mother & i are both very angry with him & i had him cagged after severe scolding + some canning on his buttocks. No sayang sessions for next 3days as punishment. ๐Ÿ˜ค

All 3 corgi of mine had different temperaments. Max is very mischevious. Eve is extremely stubborn. King is a very picky eater. In general all are minor issues but so far it does not seem these traits of theirs will change despite working on them past months. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Most important is that they remains healthy & obedient to commands. They are just like children. Certainly can get on your nerves at times & be a handful. Just gotta try remain chill & evoke my Ninja Endurance skills. Like what my mom likes to say, u are the one who chose this path! ๐Ÿ˜‚



Water Leakage issues!!!

My utility room was flooded today due to a big leakage from the Guest room’s toilet above. Upon close inspection i realised my mom’s room ceiling on the ground floor’s also had water stain marks. Directly above is another guest room’s toilet. Seems like heavy rectification / waterproofing works are needed urgently. Went to developer office & they promptly logged in my complains. Unfortunately they would only be able to attend to us next Wed due to Hari Raya. ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

Shoddy workmanship for malaysian built properties are common. My unit as shown is no exception. It’s only been a year and already 2 of my toilets are leaking water. The only consolation is my unit comes with 3 years warranty & Developer is responsive. Hope they can make it good the water proofing this time round. Fingers crossed. ๐Ÿคž

My biggest concern next week is when they embark on the rectification process, alot of hecking, debris, dirt, dust, noise etc will take place at least for a few days. My 3 puppies & ourselves will be living right in the midst of the action. Hopefully it wouldn’t be as bad as i imagined. ๐Ÿ˜”


My first Chinese New Year in Iskandar!

I have never played with Fire-works before. My wife did thou coz her mom’s (ex malaysian) family when she was young were mostly based in JB (Sungai Rengit) or Si Wan Dao (east johor). So i was estatic to finally had the opportunity to do so. Boy Fireworks areย FUN! But certainly not wallet friendly. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I spend in total almost a thousand ringgit but it was totally worth it. My whole extended family came over from Singapore over those few CNY days to have a Blast…ย ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

We only travelled out to SG on CNY Day 1 to visit our Elders & spend the rest of the week in JB. Traffic at both CIQs were pretty ok. The atmosphere for CNY in SG & JB is very different. It’s hard to put into words but in short, the CNY atmosphere in JB is at least afew hundred percent more vibrant. Fireworks & lion dances practically goes off / occurs throughout the day , everywhere! Looking forward to my second CNY in JB next year. ๐Ÿ˜Š



Cross Border SG to JB situation

My wife & i have been residing in Iskandar Malaysia since last year December. She travels out to SG to work 5 days a week & occasionally i follow her out either to run errands, medical appointments or visa runs (30days entry limit). She is in retail & her working hours are from 10.30am to 8.30pm.

December was not the best month to start off the cross border travelling to & fro. There were afew occassions in that month she was caught in heavy traffic. The time required for her to reach her workplace in Tampines from JB took 3.5 hours (1 way). Otherwise normally she will leave our JB home at 8.30am and reach Tampines between 10 to 10.30am (90% of the time).

As for the return leg, she normally finish her dinner at Tampines and set off back to JB between 9-9.30pm. She is usually back home between ย 10.30-11pm (90% of the time). She has her permanent Off Days on thursday &ย FRIDAY.ย 2 reasons for this. First is to ensure she can have good continuous rest over 2 days & second the Traffic into JB on Friday evenings are usually very BAD.

Many a times when i travel in & out with her we will observe many brave & hardworking malaysians (according to statistics around 50k) braving the weather elements on their little mororcycles & some on foot crossing the customs with us. In the comfort of our car sheltered from the weather elements with airconditioning, we’re not complaining.

We felt that 1 to 1.5 hours point A (JB) to point B (Tampines) travelling (90% of the time) is doable & acceptable. The trade offs are acceptable to us. I think some of my fellow singaporeans who are staying in singapore & uses public transport to get to work might also need up to 1.5hours travelling time one way?

Tip:ย My wife applied for MACS (Malaysian Automated Clearance System. This facilitates slightly faster border crossing at JB customs & free up your passport pages as no chops are required. The officer simply scan the MACS page into their system. MACS can be done both in Singapore (Orchard area) & IRDA (Danga Bay) Head Office. We did ours last year July at $35 myr if not wrong. The pass is valid for 1 year. In SG u will also pay $35 for the MACS but it’s S$35! ๐Ÿ˜œ

There are certain criterias u need fulfill in order qualify for MACS. The location & contact as below. Please google or call them for exact details.

Contact Us


My first car in Iskandar!

Foreigners are able to register a car under our name with local authority JPJ johor. So is insurance. The car dealer whom i purchased the used car from met me at JPJ (Taman Daya Branch) together with the car & insurance under my name to effect the transfer. A fair bit of waiting and voila! Done deal. Below is a pic of the ride i bought. It was a 10yr old Toyota extremely well kept by previous owner (1 owner full agent serviced). ๐Ÿ˜Š

I bought this car in aug 2016. So far the compressor & front fan rotor x 2 had given up the ghost costing me $3.5k myr in damages for a complete Air-con Overhaul. A similar job of this nature for this ride back home in SG will easily cost S$2k+.

The car cost me 90k myr & has no COE. U can also say it is Freehold ๐Ÿ˜‚. ย As a car lover, this is a very good car with a touch of luxury at a fraction of the cost back home in SG. Another perk of living in Iskandar?


My adopted Children in Iskandar!

Max the eldest follow by Eve & King!

We brought Max home on 31/12/2016. I have always like dogs (corgi). But back in SG as i lived in a HDB flat prior, corgi breeds are not allowed. He was only 7weeks old when we welcomed him into our family. Here is a picture of him at 3 months of age. Love him to bits…

Today, he is 8 months old. Near full grown. Healthy & active. Mischevious. Loves to chew stuffs that he is NOT suppose to. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Eve & King were brought into our Family on 27/3/2017. Max was overjoyed to finally have playmates!

Living with 3 Corgis puppies are certainly a handful. For a first timer i must say it is TOUGH work but totally worth it. The endless joys & laughters they bring u daily is priceless! Such a lifestyle would never be possible back home in SG.

Love my Furkids to bits.



The Beginning of my Journey!

Hello all! With the help of my dear friend MOSESย this blog of mine is up & running. I know nuts about wordpress & blogging so i will just keep it simple mostly in writings. Let the journey & fun begins!