Buddy & Family came visit.

My buddy of over 30yrs came for a short stay with his family. Nice sweet family of 4. Delighted to host them as always. Lovely people to have as company. 😍

Brought them to have some durians. Last chance to eat some before the Durian season officially ends next week. Only very limited Quantity left. Quality so so & very pricey… 😰

After satisfying our Durian cravings we decided to go visit an Organic Farm at Ayer Hitam (Zenxin). It was a quick 50mins drive from my 🏡.

The quick tour lasted 45mins. Pretty decent for a short visit (small farm). Everyone of us had a good time here & we end it with a healthy Organic Vegetarian Steamboat Dinner. 😍

The food quality were pretty decent. Prices were economical as well. Our dinner for us (4adults + 2kids) cost $80myr. My mother bought 2 big bags of Organic Vegetables before we departed back home to JB. 😬

Below is their (Zenxin) website & location if u guys wanna pop by check them out & have a meal here. http://www.zenxin.com.my/

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