Applying for MM2H

Finally we made contact with Joystay (mm2h) agent to register our interest in applying for mm2h thru them. I have done abit of research on Joystay & they seems to be legit & professional. The fees are also transparent with no hidden costs. ✌🏻

Past week we have corresponded couple of emails & they have responded timely with all the answers to my questions. The next step forward would be for me to download some forms & signed on them & forward back to them along with our passports to initiate the process of our MM2H journey.

The entire process from initiation to submission (3-4mths) & waiting for approval (6-8mths) can take up to 1year or more. Hopefully i can satisfy all the mm2h requirements (alot to be done) & ready my submission latest by end of this year & have my mm2h approved by this time next year. πŸ™πŸ»

The first thing i would do after obtaining my mm2h would be to get a good & reliable maid from a reputable Maid Agency. It’s time my mom gets a helper to assist her with the house chores, gardening & the 🐢 x 3. Having a maid will also allow my mom to go to SG more often (go to monastry for prayers & visit her siblings) + holidays for the Family! This is Long Overdue!

Obtaining the mm2h will give us Complete peace of mind (10yrs renewable Β visa) to stay in msia. It is as good as it’s name suggest, My Malaysia 2nd Home. For us rather, it is My Malaysia 1st Home instead πŸ™Š. πŸ™πŸ» that step by step our dream to retire in Malaysia will materialise by 2022. 🀞🏻